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It's that time of year again! The time when we madly search the interwebs for gift ideas for all the lovely ladies in our lives. If you're struggling to come up with inspiration, check out our gift guides below, and chances are, you'll find some ideas for all those unique gals you hang out with 😉.

gifts for the girl whos always cold


  1. Beanies
  2. Grey Sweater
  3. Pink Sweater
  4. Ombre Scarf


gifts for the wine lover

  1. I'm Dreaming of a Wine Christmas Tee
  2. Pop the Champagne Graphic Tee
  3. Save the Winos Tee
  4. Wine Tags

gifts for the girl boos

  1. Girls Support Girls Graphic Tee
  2. Navy Floral Blouse
  3. Nasty Woman Ring Dish

gifts for the accessory maven


  1. Grey Wool Felt Hat
  2. Tortoise Shell Tassel Earrings
  3. Burgundy Plaid Scarf
  4. Marble Trinket Dish
  5. Gold Ear Jackets
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