January 03, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

In this world of all-social-everything, comparison and self doubt can run rampant. No matter how great our lives might be going, there will always be someone out there doing it “better” or “faster”, or making it look “cooler”.

Though it’s been around for decades, the term “It” girl has been thrown around a lot lately. It has come to be a title to describe a woman who’s seemingly got it all - the perfect body, an expensive wardrobe, the most glamorous lifestyle, and more Instagram followers than all the puppy accounts you follow, combined.

We see “It Girls” in our feeds. Clothing brands show us how to dress like “It Girls”. Magazines teach us how to act like “It Girls” (Teen Vogue even calls their VIP members “It Girls”....ugh...they’re like, 11). But instead of these messages doling out “inspiration”, they’re leaving behind a big ol’ heap of insecurities that we women have to fend off over and over...as if we don’t have enough to deal with already!

The fashion industry is easily the guiltiest party in propelling these unrealistic expectations. It’s a huge reason why Rollick exists today! Because among all the pretty magazine pages and Instagram feeds, I know that for the other 99% of us, life just doesn’t look like that. My selfies are unflattering, my butt has dimples, and my brows are definitely not on fleek (do people still say that?). But the more that we embrace the our real and imperfect lives, the more we can truly connect and understand each other.

Here are some tips for how NOT to be an “It Girl”:

  • Do whatever the heck you want, because you are a beautiful little snowflake that’s not like any of the other snowflakes.
  • Snort when you laugh
  • Watch 12 hours straight of Netflix
  • Let your freak flag fly on a Friday night
  • YOU DO YOU, and don’t let anyone tell you who else you should be like!

it girl versus non-it girl

None of this is to bring down others, or to shame those that have fabulously glamorous lives. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! My hope is just that we (speaking on behalf of the fashion industry here 😉) can stop spreading the message that you should aspire to be like that, simply because it's the cool (and most likely, unattainable) way to be. 

I'm also not saying that we shouldn’t strive to be better every day - it’s just a matter of where we put those efforts! Investing in ourselves and whatreally makes us happy is the best thing we can do. Whether that means carving out more time to travel, spending more time with family, or just taking more YOU-time, find out what really makes you feel the MOST you, and do that...all the freakin’ time...and if you can’t do it yet...start working on making it happen! Because life’s too short to play the comparison game and ponder “if only” (in other words...YOLO).

This year, let’s ditch the “It Girls”. Let’s be the “Smart” girls. Let’s be the “Funny” girls. Let’s be the “Fearless” girls. And most of all, let’s be the girls that genuinely support each other and build up the best, baddest, and REALest versions of ourselves. Rock on, Rollickers!