November 06, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

Shopping small is something I think many of us want to do, but it's just not always that easy. It takes much more time to hunt down the perfect gift from small, niche shops than it does to overnight something from the front page of Amazon (trust me...I'm as guilty as anyone!). BUT, this year I'm making a real effort to start early, to be more conscious of where I shop, and to do my best to support small business owners. Not only will you find unique and high-quality gifts that the recipient is sure to love, but you'll also be helping a business owner to do a few happy dances and to keep pursuing their dreams.

Below is a list of a few of some local and/or lady-run businesses that I simply love. Check them out and start getting ideas for everyone on your list! And if anyone one your list happens to be a sassy, cozy-clothes-loving lady, shoot us a message and we'll help find her the perfect Rollick gift ;).

Do you have any small businesses that you love to shop? Comment their links below so we can all join in supporting one another!

Gifts for the home


Gifts for Indulgence

Gifts to Get Organized

Gifts for the Little Ones

PS - none of these shops asked or paid me to include them in this post. I just genuinely enjoy their products and would recommend them to a friend (aka, YOU!). I hope this helps you to find some AWESOME gifts for all the lovelies on your list!