The Shop

Here at Rollick, we believe that the BEST things in life come when you are being 100% true to YOU, and are feeling like the most confident and badass version of yourself.
Whether that means asking for that promotion, doing the sprinkler in a dance circle, or simply showing up for the people you love, when you're being unapologetically yourself, you're unstoppable.
Here’s the thing though...the fashion world loves to tell you how you should look, how you should act, and who you should aspire to be. And we ain’t down with that!!
We pick out clothes and accessories that effortlessly fit right into the crazy busy life you lead, because let’s be real...the days of scrolling online stores for hours are long behind us. Our style is comfortable, casual, and yet lets you feel like the boss that you are so you can tackle the board room, the airport, or the after-school pickup line.
Our goal will always be to meet you where you are, and to give you some fun and fashionable tools to let the real you shine through!
Keep on doin’ you, you foxy lady!

The Girl

Well, hey there, hot stuff!

I'm Kelly, and am the sometimes-sassy, always-goofy, gal behind the scenes here at Rollick.

This little shop was born because, although I've always had a love for fashion and what it can do for the soul, I often felt excluded or not "cool" enough to fit into the industry. So often brands tell us we should look or act a certain way, and that's not my jam (although I do love a good PB&J).

My hope is that Rollick feels like a happy and comfy place to shop, where you know you are welcome, and that you always find pieces that you want to reach for, over and over again.

Just like Julie Andrews...these are a few of my favorite things:

  • Singing karaoke (typically accompanied by interpretive dance moves)
  • All the baked goods. All of them.
  • Seattle summers (all 10 minutes of them)
  • My 2 babies (one – a chunky human boy, the other – a squishy French Bulldog 😉)
  • Kindness. Let's throw that ish around like confetti!