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Every so often, those days come around where it feels like the walls are collapsing and everything you encounter is met with a tornado of poo. The boss is breathing down your neck on a project; the dog just peed on your clean laundry; the kiddo drew a sharpie masterpiece on you living room wall; the policeman gives you a $300 ticket for going 5 over in a school zone; etc. etc. When these days hit, it can be hard not to melt into a pile of self-pity and "IDGAF".

I had one such days a couple weeks ago, and I did exactly what any good 30-year-old would do...I posted about it on Instagram! 😉 My cry for help of "What do you do when you're completely overwhelmed??" garnered so many great responses, I felt like I needed to compile them all here so that the next time you find yourself in an adulting poo-nado, you have a recourse for how to take a step back and ease the overwhelm.

(me, pretending to be chill while simultaneously pulling my hair out)

Read on for 15 ways to de-stress when life is trying to get the best of you:

1//  "Take a step back, take a breath...take a time out from as much as you can. Slowing down gives you space to gain perspective"

2//  "Take a few moments to yourself - take a bubble bath or do a face mask. Then make a list of what needs to get done and start crossing it off! Even if it's something small like "finish laundry" or "pay water bill" it helps!"

3//  One word: "Dog." And if you don't have said dog, try taking a trip to your local Humane Society to volunteer with the animals, or casually creep at your neighborhood dog park. There's just something about the affection of an animal that makes everything okay.

4//  "With a marg and Mexican food. It is 100% not a healthy remedy but I have to say it’s working...😜."

5//  "I love a long hot bath on crappy days!"

6//  "Meditating, essential oils, deep breaths, and detox baths! I also do new moon rituals which sounds like just something added to your list but it helps me focus on what I’m grateful for and what I wanna work towards."

7//  "I think you’d love mindfulness (meditation). Use the Calm app to start! This has been such a great source of peace for me."

8//  "I think it is just a matter of constantly reframing our mindset to see the upside of things and look for that light at the end of the tunnel when things are hard. The rain does not help. Just give yourself a break and eat some chocolate 😘"

9//  "Read the book “You are a badass”!!! It will change your life."

10//  "I tend to rely on my friends and family for support! I also am not afraid to take a personal day if I need it - don’t be afraid to also take a day for yourself!!"

11//  "My go to’s: hot bath, face mask, stretch/meditate/just ‘be’ in a dark cozy room with old lady piano music playing, and warm fuzzy socks in bed. Oh..and take a mental health day for sanity purposes. So. Needed."

12//  "Bathhouse day for sure, super cheap but still relaxing and takes you out of your element so you’re forced to relax and reflect!"

13//  "When I would love to just call a babysitter and just leave for a few hours, I actually take my kids and turn the day into something we all love to do with each other so I can cuddle them or not lose my mind ha! I also buy my favorite meal and have a drink and that seems to make everything better 😜😉!"

14//  "I use Calm too! I’ve learned so much about meditation with it 🙏"

15//  "The only thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet - sex! Even if you feel like you’re too tired/ stressed/ don’t have time/ don’t want to - it’ll help to be in the moment and you know you will be more relaxed afterward! ☺️❤️"


We millennials get a bad rap. We're entitled, lazy, and won't get off our phones, and yet from what I see, most of us are constantly striving for more -more real connection, more passion, more of being true to ourselves. This, combined with the comparison monster, leads us to often feeling overwhelmed and under-fulfilled.

I hope that these tips and strategies help you (and me) to take a step back, take a breath in, and realize that in the end, we're right where we need to be. And even if that feels little chaotic now, there's a good chance that tomorrow the storm will pass, and we'll be left with poo-free skies 😉.

PS - THANK YOU THANK YOU to all you awesome ladies who left your suggestions for calming the overwhelm. You helped me, and will certainly help others!