How to kick your fear of not

One thing I hear SO often from other gals is “I love that style but I just don’t think I could pull it off”. Ergo, here are my instructions for pulling off any outfit:

  1. Put on said outfit.
  2. You are now pulling it off.

But okay okay, I totally get that some styles and trends can feel a little far fetched, and if you’re not used to trying new things in your personal style, it can be a little daunting to leave your comfort zone.

I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t take a certain person or body type to “pull off” most looks, but that sometimes an outfit  just requires a couple tweaks to make it perfect for YOU and to allow you to rock it with confidence! Below are some tips to give you the courage to try out that new style you’ve seen the bloggers werkin’, and how to take your style to the next level (because, YOLO right?).

 Your closet staples are your BFFs

...but you knew that already. My favorite way to try out a new kind of style is to pair it back to something I already know and love in my closet. For example, if you’re trying out a new shirt silhouette (off-the shoulder, anyone??), why not pair it back to your all-time favorite jeans and shoes? Giving a jumpsuit a try? Throw on your go-to denim jacket to bring it back to a classic place. Think of it almost as a security’re trying out something new but you have your staples to keep the look balanced. It’s a simple way to introduce a new trend while still feeling like yourself, and will help to avoid the “WTF was I thinking” hindsight in a couple years ;)

off-the-shoulder topjumpsuit

Fit is everything

If I could have a dollar for every time I’ve heard “I’m too short for that” or “My boobs would never work in that”... I am a huge advocate for finding things that fit great, and also know that a lot of fit issues can be fixed with a $10 stop at the tailor. Culottes are a great example of a trend that a lot of shorter gals don’t think they can wear. BUT the truth is, it’s all about proportion, and often just taking a hemline up a couple inches will have them hit you in the exact right place for your height. The same goes for tops that might seem too low cut for what you’ve been endowed with (#jealous). An extra button, a simple stitch, or even an additional piece like a lacey cami or bralette is often all it takes to take a top from risque to “OH HAAAY!” Don’t be afraid to try on styles you think would never work on you, and to imagine how you could tweak them for your body type.

When in doubt, Pin it out

Pinterest is a beautiful, beautiful (occasionally soul-sucking), thing. Whenever I feel in a style rut, I can count on Pinterest to give me new ideas for how to style old pieces in my wardrobe, and the same goes for NEW styles that I haven’t a clue how to wear! For instance, neckerchiefs are back in a big way right now. They can seem a little tricky to style compared to our old tried and true infinity scarves, so what did I do when I got my first one? Pinterest it! Search for “neckerchiefs” and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of ideas for how to incorporate them into your own style. You can do this for everything from rompers, to crop tops, to panama hats (and I’m guilty for searching for all of these!). 


Werk it, girl

So often, we get in our own heads about what’s acceptable for us and our style, and most of the time, it just comes down to confidence. When I was 8, I went through a major hat phase and distinctly remember wearing a cap with a propeller on top to about 90% of weekend activities. I gave approximately zero shits about what anyone else thought, and knew I looked DAMN good in that propeller hat. I really wish that all of us could channel that kind of confidence (myself included), but sometimes it can be tough and we gotta fake it…

When you’re feeling less-than-your-best, try cranking up your go-to pump up song (I’m looking at you Lady Gaga…), putting on the lipstick that makes you feel like a Hollywood A-lister, and remember how cool you thought you were at 8 years’re still that cool, I promise. (And if that doesn’t work, scrolling through your last birthday on Facebook always makes for an ego boost ;) )

On a personal note...

For me, wearing heels has always been my biggest fashion fear. I’m a tall gal at 5’10, and every time I throw on a heel over an inch, I can expect to hear at some point in the day “OMG you’re so tall!” While I used to HATE this, and my desired response was “No shit, Sherlock,” I’ve been able to get over my sensitivity to the subject and realize that most people don’t mean it as an insult, but just as a topic of conversation. If the shoe fits (and it’s a badass shoe), there is no reason I should limit myself and my style because of something I’m fabricating in my mind of what others are saying about me (because once I get out of my head and take a step back, I’m pretty sure, no one is saying anything). 

At the end of the day, whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself and gives you the confidence to run the world is what is going to look the best on you! I hope these tips help give you the little push you need to try something new, because, as they say, life is way too short (to wear boring clothes ;)).




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I LOVE this article- so inspiring! I think all of us box ourselves into certain looks because there’s others we “can’t pull off” which is so untrue!

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