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If you've ever been shopping online, chances are, you've run into a grumpy-lookin' model or two.

Here at Rollick, we're strong believers that clothes should be FUN and subsequently make you HAPPY when you wear them (wild, right??)! This is why we always use real, rad, and contagiously joyful women as our models, and today, we want you to get to know one of our fab model babes, Megan, a little better!

You've likely seen Megan's face popping up around the Rollick-verse (that's like a universe...but way more fashionable and fun 😉). We want you to get to know more about this gem of a human, so read our interview with this lovely lady below!

Tell us about your side hustle and blog! Why did you start it and what is it focused on?

I began my blog,Diary of this Girl, in 2011—I was working my first desk job after graduating and wanted a creative outlet. I’ve always enjoyed writing and fashion, and blogging felt like a natural next step! I enjoy sharing style tips, skincare and beauty recommendations, and the occasional travel guide. Budget-friendly fashion is the name of my game. I hope to encourage my community to embrace their personal style, yet feel comfortable experimenting with trends all while adhering to their budget.

What’s your full time gig?

I work full-time for a finance company in Seattle. (My degrees are in Psychology and English, and finance is entirely new to me.) I enjoy my day job but am most passionate about the work I do in my free time as a blogger!

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

I love the writing component—whether drafting captions for social media or creating copy for a new blog post, I am a passionate writer.

How would you describe your style and what inspires it?

My family often tells me I was born in the wrong era. I love vintage, 70s-inspired fashion—the silhouettes, bold prints, and bright colors! I strive to embrace new trends and greatly enjoy mixing these pieces in with those I’ve thrifted.

Your lil' weiner dog...tell us everything.

Oh my goodness—our dachshund is the center of our world. =)

We brought Bailey, my now 16-year-old dachshund, home when I was in high school. She could fit in the palm of your hand! Bailey is our first dog—we previously had cats—and she is a gem. Unfortunately, she injured her back leg this summer and struggles to get around. Her hearing and eyesight are also deteriorating, but she continues to enjoy frequent treats and snuggles!

(Updated to say that since writing, sadly sweet Bailey has passed into doggy heaven, where we're certain she's snuggling in endless laps filled with loads of bacon ❤️.)

What's your favorite thing about living in Seattle?

My family and I moved to Seattle when I was ten years old. While I don’t love our chilly, gray days—thank you, next—spring, summer, and fall in the Pacific Northwest are vibrant seasons! I work in the city, and I greatly enjoy walking through Pike Place Market and the colorful surrounding neighborhoods. (Belltown, Capitol Hill, and Montlake are among my favorites.)

What are a couple of your goals or dreams for the next few years?

I recently completed an editing certificate at the University of Washington. I’m a passionate writer and editor, and I hope to take on writing responsibilities at my day job. I would like to take on additional freelance clients—something I currently do—as I build my side hustle. The ultimate dream, of course, would be to support myself as a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger!

What's one of the most ridiculous things you've done for or because of blogging?

Photo shoots—especially outdoor shoots in crowded areas—always have me laughing! When I first started blogging, I didn’t realized how uncomfortable it can feel to pose for photos in front of an audience. (I would often shoot in discrete locations or awkwardly stop when someone walked by.) Over the years, I’ve grown more comfortable in front of the camera (and an audience).

Bringing props to photo shoots—such as confetti or balloons—always adds an element of fun (and perhaps embarrassment?). You get quite a fee looks from passerby!


- All time fave movie? Titanic

- Go-to cocktail order? Margarita—I especially love the “slushy” margarita from Cantina Lena!

- Favorite place you've traveled? London

- If you could be an animal, what would you be? A dachshund =)

- What would the name of your debut album be? “Millennial Pink”

- Who's your favorite Spice Girl? Victoria Beckham

- Favorite 90s jam? Anything by the Backstreet Boys. (“Shape of my Heart” is my favorite song!)

Thanks so much to Megan for being the generous, hardworking, and totally rad lady that she is!