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I just wrapped up our annual buying trip for Fall and Winter, and oh we have some great style in store for you?! If you're anything like me, fall is your absolute favorite time of year for clothes (helloooo cozy sweaters, chunky scarves, pretty blouses, and #allthedenim).

Visiting the WWD Magic trade show is always a fun (and crazy!) experience, and a great place to get a peek into what's going to be trending for the next few seasons. Read on for the 6 biggest trends I saw down at market, and get excited to start seeing these trends popping up at Rollick very soon!

1. Teddy-Bear Chic

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, but he was also a pretty smart gent because you better believe he was more comfortable than any other bears on the block! One of the biggest trends I saw across tons of vendors was all things fuzzy, fluffy, and oh-so-cozy! Not only is this trend easily the most comfortable trend you'll ever partake in, it also is a fun way to update your normal sweaters and sweatshirts with a new texture.

fuzzy sweaters and sweatshirts

2. It's a Wrap

If there's one trend we won't be saying "it's a wrap" to, it's the wrap silhouette. From wrap dresses and blouses, to sweaters and jumpsuits, this eternally flattering style is popping up all over, much to the delight of women everywhere! Not only does it give your waist a little cinch, but for you new mamas out there, it's the perfect silhouette to keep the boobies at the ready 😉.

wrap dress wrap blouse wrap sweater

3. Stripes and Polka Dots

Calling stripes a trend is kind of like calling florals in Spring a trend (I see you Miranda Priestly). BUT, the abundanceof stripes and how they're being used is something you will totally be loving for fall. From pinstriped pants to bold striped sweaters, this classic pattern is taking on a whole new look for Fall (and will be EVERYwhere!).

striped shirt striped pants striped sweater

Another pattern popping up all over this season is the always-happy polka dot! It's hard to rock polka dots without getting a little extra pep in your step. You'll be seeing spots in everything from blouses to dresses and in all different scales.

polka dot blouse sweater dress

4. Jump on it 

The one-piece wonder of jumpsuits have been on the market for quite awhile, but I'm finally seeing them make their way into the mainstream and getting more adopted by ladies everywhere.

Aside from the inevitable issue of "but, how will I pee?", jumpsuits have SO much going for them. They're an instant outfit in one piece, they give you more mobility than dresses (feel free to drop it low and bend over at will), and they are perfect for layering all through fall and winter.

If you haven't jumped on the jumpsuit train yet, trust me when I say, you need to! Different shapes work better for different body types, so if you haven't found one you love yet, keep searching, because that unicorn is out there! And if you ever have any questions on what style would work best for your body type, feel free to shoot us an email and we would be SO happy to help!


5. All tied up

Denim will always be the obvious choice for pants for fall (#cantstopwontstop), BUT, if you're starting to get the denim blues, you'll have a lot more options this fall. No matter how you feel about elastic waist pants, there's no denying that they take the comfort level to a whole new high, and are perfect for transitioning through life's different phases (whether you're growing a burrito baby or a real one 😉).

Tie-waist pants were everywhere at market in all sorts of materials and patterns. I simply love how you can pair them with a blazer and mules for a more professional look, or with a graphic tee and sneakers for weekend fun (and/or napping).

tie waist pants

6. Hold the Mayo 

Get your Wienerschnitzel ready, because this fall you're due for a whole slew of mustard (okay, okay, we'll keep it as a color scheme instead of the tasty condiment).

Mustard can get a bad rap for being a hard color to wear, and I don't doubt that that's true in some cases (being one of those people who may have better colors in her arsenal). BUT, I'll be damned if I miss out on this golden and perfectly-fall hue because someone somewhere decided that red-toned skin can't wear yellow. Can I get a collective "SCREW THAT!"?? This season you'll be seeing mustard pop up ALL over, and I totally encourage you to give it a shot, whether in sweater, blouse, dress, or pant form. Don't wait too long, or else you'll have to ketchup later 😉.

mustard colored styles

Grab your pumpkin spice latte, turn on college football, and meet me in the pumpkin patch where I'll be patiently waiting for fall to arrive 🍂☺️🍁. Out of all these trends, which one are you most excited for??

Get ready for the new cozy style heading your way, and be sure to check back here for new arrivals landing soon!