Cute But Kinda Weird Tee

  • Cute But Kinda Weird Graphic Tee

Cute But Kinda Weird Tee

You know you want to.


Has there ever been a truer statement than on the “Cute But Kinda Weird” Graphic Tee?? Sure, your style is on point and damn you look GOOD, but you can also be caught dancing by yourself to Mambo #5 in your underwear ( that just me??). Embrace your inner goof in one of Rollick’s fave shirts of all time!

  • 52% Cotton / 48% Polyester
  • Super soft t-shirt material. Tied up in photos. Can be worn down as normal tee, too.
  • Machine wash, cold.
  • model dani

    This is Dani!


    Fun fact: She grew up in a town of only 500 people, and knows how to drive a tractor. Watch out Kenny Chesney...

    She's 5'4" and is wearing a size Small.